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Optimise Cancer Treatment Outcomes with Good Nutrition

Work with Four Seasons Dietetics oncology expert dietitians to optimise your cancer treatment, survivorship and maintain good quality of life. 

How Can Nutrition Support Cancer Care?

Extensive research has shown that people who are well-nourished and meet their nutrient targets tolerate cancer treatment better and achieve better health outcomes. Dietitians provide personalised diet advice based on your cancer diagnosis, treatment, medical history and nutrition goals. We aim to optimise your quality of life by empowering you to maintain independence with

Good nutrition is importance for cancer treatment as it can:

  • Improve quality of life by giving you energy, keep your muscle strong, maintain a healthy weight and improve mood

  • Support your body throughout cancer treatment including optimise treatment outcomes, reduce hospital stays and enhance recovery

  • Support wound healing and rebuild tissues after treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy & radiotherapy

  • Maintain and improve immune sytem to fight against infections

  • Optimise health status even when persistent symptoms like poor appetite, nausea and vomiting or mouth ulcers make it hard to eat

  • Reduce risk of cancer recurrence and support survivorship

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Work with Four Seasons Dietetics

Four Seasons Dietetics has partnered with Sydney Adventist Hospital to provide outpatient dietitian services to cancer patients with the aim to optimise their treatment journey and recovery. We are a team of passionate Dietitians and Nutritionists, dedicated to help people learn more about nutrition and improve overall health. We are committed to providing tailored
nutrition care plans using the the latest evidence-based interventions and a patient-centred approach.


Founder and leading dietitian Claire Ho, has extensive experience working with cancer patients and completed her training at Peter MacCallum Centre, Victoria's leading cancer hospital. Claire is currently also the in-patient clinical dietitian at SAH, workly closely with cancer patients admitted to the hospital.