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Gut Health 101

The gut is our second brain and has a vital role in many processes in our body including metabolism, immunity and mood. Our gut health dietitians are experienced to help individuals who may have undergone treatment or a diagnosis that may have impacted the balance of their gut. Scroll to read more.

The Gut Microbiome

The gut microbiome includes all the bacteria living in our gut that each have their own functions when fed properly through good nutrition. Most gut bacteria live in our intestines, but are present throughout the entire digestive system.  

They are required for many processes in the body including: 

  • Digesting our food to make nutrients easier to access for our body to use 

  • Protecting against infections from harmful bacteria that may cause illness or disease 

  • Producing essential vitamins required for normal body functioning 


An optimal balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut is required for these functions to occur. The latest research highlights that this may even contribute to weight maintenance or weight loss. 

Because of the wealth of new research surrounding the gut microbiome, it is becoming a trendy topic and for good reason. But how exactly can you achieve a balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut microbiome to maintain good gut health? 

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Factors That Influence Our Gut Health


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Work with a Gut Health Dietitian

The Four Seasons Dietetics team is experienced in managing people of various backgrounds including complex medical histories. Our dietitians work closely with you to develop a nutrition plan that works with your goals and lifestyle - so you can achieve sustainable and long term health changes.

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