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We have develop tailored management program for our clients where we can ensure that their nutritional requirements are modified as needed to fit into their lifestyle and family needs. 

Happy Gut Program for IBS

Work with an IBS expert dietitian to learn how to gain relief from your symptoms and enjoy food again.

Test Tube

Build your understanding on IBS and the science behind your symptoms


Investigate your potential dietary or lifestyle triggers

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Carefully guided intervention by an IBS expert dietitian including the Low FODMAP diet

Note Pad

Exclusive: meal and snack ideas, shopping list and unlimited email support

Happy Gut Program for IBS, includes:

  • Build your understanding on IBS, science and research behind your symptoms 

  • ​Detailed investigations to explore your symptoms and potential dietary or lifestyle triggers

  • Work with you on lifestyle factors that may be causing your symptoms such as stress relief management

  • Advice and recommendations tailored to your situation and goals, including special dietary requirements such as diabetes, low sodium, high cholesterol, vegetarian/vegan etc.

  • Ensure you are getting nutritious and balanced meals

  • Carefully guided dietary interventions by an Accredited Practising Dietitian trained in the dietary management of IBS including use of Low FODMAP diet.


  • In-depth 90 minute Consultation with a IBS dietitian

  • Four 30 mins Review Sessions

  • Low FODMAP Supermarket Shopping List

  • Grocery Shopping Guide and Label Reading

  • Meal Ideas and Snack Plan

  • Email support in-between sessions

Online and in-person consultations available. 

Gut Healthy Program

Work with an Gut Health Dietitian to kick start your gut wellness journey.

Confound Face

Investigate factors that may be compromising your gut health

Test Tube

Establish baseline, monitor progress and results through Gut Microbiome testing and analysis

Note Pad

Personalised nutrition plan developed by a gut health dietitian that fits with your dietary preferences and lifestyle

Gut Healthy Program, includes:


Four Seasons Dietetics has collaborated with Microba to offer gut microbiome analysis for our clients.

A gut microbiome testing kit can:

  • Assess your baseline: establish a detailed profile of your microbiome. Better understand the current state of your gut

  • Inform your choices: explore your personal key insights with practical dietary suggestions. Make a plan and target areas for improvement

  • Monitor the impact: See the impact of changes you make and track how your microbiome shifts over time with further microbiome analysis

Our dietitians will use this tool in combination with evidence-based methods to provide:

  • Advice and recommendations tailored to your situation and goals, including special dietary requirements such as diabetes, low sodium, high cholesterol, vegetarian/vegan etc.

  • Help interpret and analyse your Microba results

  • Support your gut health journey for long term health and wellbeing

Who may benefit from this program?

  • You are looking to improve your gut health as part of your wellness journey

  • You are curious about your gut microbiome composition


Who may not benefit from this program?

  • You are actively receiving medical treatment such as cancer treatment or medications that can impact the gut microbiome  (e.g. antibiotics, steroids)

  • You are experiencing digestive symptoms that have not been investigated by a doctor yet

  • You are looking to use the gut microbiome test as a diagnostic tool

  • You are below the age of 18

Contact us if you are unsure if this program is suitable for you.

Step 1

Order your gut microbiome testing kit and send sample off. Results should be processed after 2-4 weeks.

Step 2

Attend your in-depth consultation with a Gut Health Dietitian. In this session, the dietitian will go through your results and develop your personal nutrition plan.

Step 3

Two review sessions to monitor progress and make adjustments. A mid-way progress gut microbiome test is optional.

Step 4

Prior to your final review session, you complete a gut microbiome test. In this session, the dietitian will go through your results and make further recommendations.


  • 15 minute video call to go through how to order your test kit and answer questions

  • In-depth consultation (90 minute) to discuss your results and develop a tailored nutrition plan with a gut health dietitian.

  • Two review sessions (30 minutes) to monitor progress and make adjustments.

Online and in-person consultations available. 

Note: The Microba testing kit is not included in the fees. Cost per kit is from 279 (click here for details)

Cancer Nutrition Support Program

Work with an oncology expert dietitian to optimise your nutrition and side effects throughout cancer treatment.

Heart & Hands

We will guide you through strategies to manage any side effects from treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, pre/post surgery etc and also any change in nutrition requirements.

Note Pad

Develop a nutrition plan that will nourish you before, throughout and after cancer treatments. 

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We will also consider other aspects of your health in your plan such as diabetes, heart disease, renal disease, respiratory conditions, dysphagia etc.


  • Five sessions with an oncology dietitian including 1 initial consultation and 4 review sessions

  • Personalised nutrition plan including nutrient targets

  • Personalised resources depending on nutrition concerns

  • Oral nutrition supplement samples such as Sustagen, Fresubin, Ensure, Resource (if indicated, in-person consultations only)

  • Medicare rebates available for CDM or EPC plan holders (check with your GP about eligibility) and also private health funds (check if your cover includes 'Dieteitics')

Online and in-person consultations available. 

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