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Tofu Avocado Soba Salad


Made this dish with leftover ingredients in the fridge. Super easy and quick to make - in less than 10 minutes. ⁠

You will need:⁠

🍀 Firm Tofu⁠

🍀 Edamame⁠

🍀 Avocado⁠

🍀 Pine nuts or any nuts you prefer⁠

🍀 Soba noodles⁠

🍀 Salad leaves (I used spinach here)⁠

🍀 Japanese dipping sauce with wasabi (Dilute with water as per bottle instructions and add wasabi for flavour)⁠

The only cooking involved is the soba noodles and edamame (to defrost if you have frozen). Then chop everything up and you're done!⁠

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