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Gut Nourishing Breakfast Ideas

We often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but what you eat is equally important. A nutritious and balanced breakfast can give improve mental performance (such as alertness, concentration, memory), sustained energy levels, glycemic control and help with weight management.

To build a good breakfast, you should include foods that are low Glcyemic Index (GI) high fibre and protein-containing. For an extra boost of nutrition, you can add some healthy fats.

Use the table below to build your own healthy balanced breakfast!

Some suggestions:

  • Wholemeal toast with eggs and avocado topped with sprinkle of paprika

  • Baby spinach egg omelette

  • Banana oatmeal made with reduced-fat milk and dash of cinnamon

  • Breakfast smoothie made with rolled oats, chia seeds, frozen mixed strawberries, yoghurt and milk

If you make a breakfast with the builder above, feel free to tag us @fourseaonsdietetics on Instragram so we can see what you can come up with! For more information about building a healthier gut, book an appointment with our Accredited Dietitians now or send us a message.

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