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Miso-glazed Eggplant

What are some of your favourite ways to add miso to your meals? Miso is a good source of probiotics for your gut, keeping them happy and healthy. We commonly have it as a soup, recently 'miso-glazed' anything has become very popular and I'm not complaining! ⁠

Making a miso glaze is super easy, the following is enough for 2 medium eggplants):⁠

🍀 1 Tbsp sake⁠

🍀 1 Tbsp mirin⁠

🍀 2 Tbsp sugar (I usually use brown)⁠

🍀 3 Tbsp miso (traditionally red miso but any miso is ok)⁠

🍀 1 Tbsp roasted sesame⁠

Here are some miso-glazed dish suggestions:⁠

🍀 Tofu⁠

🍀 Cauliflower⁠

🍀 Roast Veggies⁠

🍀 Salmon⁠

🍀 Cod fish⁠

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