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How Does Online Consultation Work?

Updated: May 15, 2020

The advancement of technology in our society has enabled greater convenience in communication - meaning you can speak to someone anywhere and anytime. Meanwhile, it has also become more face paced and our free time is limited. Unless you develop a medical condition or have an urgent situation - we tend to delay our investment in health until "when you have time". How many times have you had a similar thought and how long after did you "have time" until you addressed the issue?

At Four Seasons Dietetics, we hope to inspire our clients to take a step back and re-evaluate their priorities - especially in their own health. We are living longer and realistically, retirement age is increasing. It has been well researched that chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, some gastrointestinal conditions and cancer, could be prevented and in which diet plays a significant role. It is never too late to start now.

By providing online consultations, we hope to make our services more accessible to our clients. We are all somewhat familiar with what to expect when visiting a clinic for a consultation - you visit the clinic, greeted by the receptionist and wait to be called by the health professional that will see you. But what about online consultations? Therefore, today we want give you an insight to 'How Does Online Consultation Work?" at Four Seasons Dietetics.

Our online consultations are provided through phone call, FaceTime or Zoon.


You schedule a session with one of our dietitians - either by booking online on our website or contacting us. If there is no time that suits you on our online booking system, please contact us and we can figure something out. We understand time differences and life commitments. Please note our Cancellation Policy.

Followed by...

Once you made a booking with us, you will receive a confirmation email on your appointment with a Zoom link if you have chosen a video consultation. . You will then receive a separate email asking you to fill in a pre-consultation questionnaire, consent form and food diary. This questionnaire is intended to help our dietitian to gain a full understanding of your nutrition needs and plan your consultation to ensure they address your concerns. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. The information you provide in this form will be kept strictly private and confidential. Please also send any relevant documents such as pathology results and referral letters to

You will receive a reminder 24 hours prior your session, please reschedule your session if you cannot make it.


Ensure you have a quiet environment and clear background prior to your session. When its time for your consultation, click into the Zoom link and it will take you to your virtual consutlation room. During the session the dietitian may:

  • Go through the information you provided such as reason for referral, questionnaire to clarify any details

  • Explore your medical history including medications, supplements and previous interventions.

  • Detailed diet history and symptoms if relevant

  • The dietitian will determine an appropriate education and management plan once they have collected all the neccessary information.

At the conclusion of the consultation, our dietitian would have created a plan according to your goals and hopefully you have an idea on the next step to take to focus on your health. You will receive an email containing a summary plan and any resources that may be useful. We will follow up with you on subsequent review sessions or via email.

Make a booking with one of our dietitians today! You can do this online on our website to select your preferred time slot or contact us.

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