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Common Triggers for IBS

In the IBS space, we often hear about how a low FODMAP diet can help relieve symtpoms. After all it is a very effective diet (up to 70% people with IBS) to help manage IBS related symptoms. However, sometimes FODMAPs may not work for everyone and when it doesn't - it doesn't mean there is no hope and you are stuck with symptoms for life.⁠

When clients come to us with IBS and looking to be put on a FODMAP diet, we always go through their history to explore other possible triggers to their symptoms. This is particularly important as going through the FODMAP diet can be stressful, challenging and nutritionally restrictive for some. Here we have some other common triggers for IBS:⁠

✨ Diet - fat, alcohol, fibre and caffeine could trigger symptoms⁠

✨ Portion sizes & eating patterns - how much you eat at one sitting and regularity of meals can affect your gut symptoms⁠

✨ Hormones⁠

✨ Stress - the Gut-Brain Axis⁠

✨ Medications⁠

✨ Pelvic muscle function⁠

Some other great resources:

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