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Low FODMAP diet: Getting Started and Useful Apps

You have started the Low FODMAP diet... what's next?

Our goal at Four Seasons Dietetics is to ensure you feel comfortable and well equiped starting the Low FODMAP diet. However, we won't lie - the Low FODMAP diet can be challenging to understand, so it is okay to feel overwhelmed.


  1. Refer to your 'Getting Started" resource and work on swapping one food group at a time. For example, start with your pantry staples. On a blank piece of paper or word document, write 5 lists with subtitle heading of the five food groups (below) and write a list of your go-to foods under each group. Then next to it - refer to your shopping list or Monash FODMAP app for low FODMAP alternatives.

  • Breads, cereals and wholegrains

  • Dairy and dairy alternatives

  • Protein (meats, poultry, plant-based alternatives)

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables


2. Fats, oils and most cheeses are low FODMAP

3. Keep a list of low FODMAP flavouring and condiments visible in your kitchen e.g. fridge

4. Check for foods that have been certified low FODMAP on the Monash FODMAP or FODMAP Friendly app

5. Try meal planning! It helps reduce stress when grocery shopping and cooking.

6. Download apps to keep handy in your pocket. Some apps we recommend below.

Monash FODMAP ($12.99 AUD) Available for both iOS and Android devices.

The Low FODMAP diet was first developed by Monash University. The database is regularly updated and is the point of reference to check for FODMAP content of foods. If a product has the Monash FODMAP logo (left), this means it is safe to consume on the low FODMAP diet (at least at a single serve). Other features include recipes and food diary.

FODMAP Friendly ($2.99) Available for both iOS and Android devices.

This app also shows FODMAP content of food and products. Products with the FODMAP friendly logo (left) shows that it is safe to consume on the low FODMAP diet.

Spoonful: Food Scanner (Free) Available for both iOS and Android devices.

This is an app where you can scan barcodes in the supermarket to check if it is suitable for your personal diet e.g. Gluten-free, Low FODMAP, Vegetarian, Vegan. The basic app is free with premium features available with a monthly subscription fee.

Our Happy Gut Program is designed to help people with IBS and guide them through the Low FODMAP diet, equiping them with the right tools to find out their personal triggers. If you are interested in starting the low FODMAP diet but unsure where to start, book an appointment with our Accredited Practising Dietitians here.

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