Balance your health through nutrition, the body and the mind.

At Four Seasons Dietetics, we believe that nutrition is dynamic, and requires modifications through different seasons – which is why we tailor unique nutritional plans and provide ongoing management for all of our clients to reflect alterations in individual goals.

The team at Four Seasons Dietetics is passionate about inspiring the community to make smarter and healthier food choices.



We provide a variety of services including private consultations, workshops, seminars, nutrition consultancy and corporate wellness programs.


Our clinic is located in the heart of Sydney CBD, with online consults available through FaceTime or Zoom.

What to expect after seeing a dietitian?

  • More energy

  • Better sleep

  • Healthier lifestyle

  • More informed about nutrition

  • Lifted mood and emotions

  • Healthy weight

  • Confidence 

  • Improved digestion, reduced gastrointestinal symptoms

  • Better control of your health condition

Happy Gut Package for IBS

Understand the causes of your gut symptoms so you can live stress-free and focus on doing things you love.

Work with a FODMAP-trained dietitian to figure out your food and lifestyle triggers, and develop a personalised sustainable life-long diet plan. 

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