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Easy meals: Wraps - no cooking involved

Author: Claire Ho APD

This is a easy meal you can prep at home under 10 mins and most importantly NO COOKING is involved!

For a healthy wrap I recommend adding:

  • vegetables 🥙 e.g. pre-packed leafy salads, grated carrots and lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber

  • healthy fat (e.g. avocado 🥑, ricotta cheese 🧀)

  • any protein you enjoy (e.g left over roasts, cold meats, cheese, canned tuna or salmon, poached chicken, falafels, eggs)

⁠My favourite go-to warp is the Simson's Pantry range, the sizes are prefect and they are high in FIBRE which is great for your gut + satiety!⁠ Other recommendations include Helga's Lower Carb, Freedom Foods Barley+ and Missions Wrap.

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