Corporate Health and Wellness

Healthy Body For A Healthier Mind

The average employee spends the majority of their time in the workplace, and research has shown that this could have adverse effects on health and wellbeing. (1) We at Four Season Dietetics believe that actively managing dietary goals is vital to quality work-life balance – improving employee productivity and better positioning them to drive business outcomes. Employees with optimal nutrition and lifestyle have long term health benefits including reduced risks of complications such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and chronic illnesses.

5% of the workplace calls in sick on any given day. (4) The most common reason staff ask for sick days is illness including colds and flus, headaches and gastro, plus home and family responsibilities. Furthermore, according to recent survey conducted by Heads Up, one in five Australians have taken absences related to stress, anxiety, depression or poor mental health. (2) Research has suggested that good nutrition is associated with better mental health outcomes. (3) 

Poor nutrition can lead to:

  • Weaken immune system

  • Reduced work performance

  • Poor mental health

  • Long term health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and chronic illnesses.

Four Seasons Dietetics can provide your organisation with an extensive range of services. We empower employees to take control of their health by providing the knowledge and skills they need to live the healthiest lives possible

Benefits of a healthy workplace for employees include:

  • Increased health awareness and knowledge

  • Increase in physical health and mental wellbeing

  • Improved morale and job satisfaction

  • Increased motivation

  • Increased opportunities for a healthier lifestyle

  • Improved work-life balance​

Our Services

Group nutrition seminars or Munch and Learn

The sessions addres various nutrition topics including:

  • Healthy eating and meal preparation

  • Nutrition for improved immunityDebunking myths and fad diets

  • Eating out, travel and entertaining

  • Eating for improved work performance

  • Nutrition for active living

  • Quick and Healthy Meals

  • Plant-based eating and lifestyle

  • We also entertain requests for specific topics

Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking demonstrations can provide your employees with opportunities to learn and experience how to create quick, healthy and delicious meals. These generally run for 1 hour including 2 recipes. Contact us for more information.

Individual Dietitian Consultations

These sessions can be conducted online via video-conferencing or on-site. It includes a pre-consultation questionnaire, nutrition assessment and tailored recommendations/eating plan to facilitate your employee's health and wellbeing goals.

Best Practice Group Sessions

Science has suggested that group education sessions can be as equally effective as one-on-one consults. Group sessions maybe a good option for attendees to have informal discussions with their colleagues and dietitian about a particular health topic – for example, living with diabetes, dealing with digestive disorders etc.

Other Corporate Wellness Services

  • Wellness booth

  • Newsletter/Articles

  • Office pantry review

  • Website and social media contributions

  • Wellness challenges

Contact us for more information including pricing and rates.


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